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WordPress Starter Theme that weights under 20 KB. Try out the demo or go to docs.

Get Air 9.4.0

Why Air?

A perfect starting point for your next project

We created this theme from scratch back in 2016 when we grew tired of too bloated starter themes. Finally a theme you can hack to make your new project instead of wasting hours of time by removing useless code!

No features you never use

We have disabled widgets, post formats, Jetpack support, (Threaded) comments, Underscores Template tags and sidebar from our theme. These are almost never needed and just add extra weight.

Open source freedom

No licenses or payments. Because Air-light is an open source project it will get weekly (sometimes even daily) updates. You can contribute your own changes and follow the roadmap online. Air-light is our way to give back.

Accessible & WCAG 2.0 AAA-level compliancy

Air-light has built in accessible navigation patterns for screen readers but also tools for accessible development. Say no to inaccessible web!

Fast & small

CSS weights only 13 KB and JavaScript 7.8 KB. This means faster loading times, because there is no excess code. With Air you build speed in mind.

Custom Post Type Support

Custom Post Types and taxonomies are our daily bread. This is why they are included by default so that adding them is easiest thing ever. No more CPT generators!

Full support for ACF and Gutenberg

With Air it's very efficient to create custom elements with Advanced Custom Fields and Gutenberg. You can even create your own Gutenberg blocks with ACF. Best from both worlds.

Modern JavaScript

Like Vue.js, ES5 or Mithril? With Air-light it's easy to use any modern JavaScript frameworks. JS is built with gulp and webpack and npm is baked-in so only sky is the limit! Things are unminified in development and properly compressed in production environments.

Modern CSS with PostCSS and SCSS without any bloat

Forget Bootstrap, Bulma, Foundation and Tailwind. CSS is not hard. Air-light has only the necessary elements like typography, forms and buttons, nothing excess. Create your own SCSS framework with Air-light!

Modern PHP without templating languages

No "fancy" templating languages in the way. There's no need to reinvent the bicycle. Code WordPress like you are used to with traditional PHP. We only used namespaced PHP, but that's it!

SEO friendly

Google and search engines love WordPress. Air-light is built using the latest standards so that means it is the best fit for search engine optimized websites. Spice things up with Yoast or SEO Framework, it's your call!


No untranslatable strings! Air-light comes with Finnish and English built in but it is very easy to add your own language. You can use po-files, pll__ function with Polylang or ask_e helper function from our very own air-helper plugin.

Built with Air

There are already hundreds of websites out there built on Air-light WordPress Theme. Below you can browse some of them. Want your website here? Send an issue.

Extend your theme with our developer-friendly plugins


Air helper brings our preferences to Air-light based themes and extends with many ways like adding WooCommerce support.


A developer-friendly WordPress-plugin for adding customizable reactions (likes, hearts, dislikes, shrugs or whatever you feel like) to your content.


Show different kind of website notifications that you can control via wp-admin. You can register as many notice locations and types you want.


A simple way to manage, track and show custom ads and ad slots on WordPress.


A developer-friendly plugin to count post reads and list most read content.